Most number onesEdit

Most combined weeks at number one on the UK singles chartsEdit

Rank Artist Weeks at # 1
1 JAT 298
2 James Harrison 109
3 Andrew Collins 101
4 Girls Aloud 96
5 Elvis Presley 80
6 Thomas Atcherley 77
7 Jake Wyss 71
8 The Beatles 69
9 Ryan Wilson 65
10 Cliff Richard 46

Longest run at number oneEdit

Position Artist Single Year Weeks
1st JAT "The Flood" 2008/09 22 weeks
2nd Frankie Laine "I Believe" 1953 18 weeks
3rd Girls Aloud (vs. Sugababes) "Walk This Way" 2007 17 weeks
JAT "Earthquake" 1997
5th Bryan Adams "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" 1991 16 weeks
JAT "I'd Wait For Life" 1997
Girls Aloud "The Show" 2004
JAT "Mirrors" 2013
9th James Harrison "Antidote" 1994/95 15 weeks
Wet Wet Wet "Love Is All Around" 1994
11th Queen "Bohemian Rhapsody" 1975/76 & 1991/92 14 weeks
James Harrison "A Man For All Seasons" 2003
13th Girls Aloud "See the Day" 2005/06 12 weeks
14th Slim Whitman "Rose Marie" 1955 11 weeks
Andrew Collins
(ft. Nicola Roberts & James Harrison)
"The Hardest Ever" 2006
Andrew Collins (ft. James Harrison) "Brave Heart" 2012
17th David Whitfield "Cara Mia" 1954 10 weeks
Whitney Houston "I Will Always Love You" 1992
Thomas Atcherley & James Harrison "Uhh Ahh" 1999
JAT "Ribbon in the Sky" 2004
Rihanna (ft. Jay Z) "Umbrella" 2007

(*) not consecutive weeks at the top of the charts

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