This is a timeline of the history of pop rock band JAT.

pre 1996Edit

  • 13 October 1980: Ryan Wilson is born in Burton upon Trent, England.
  • 6 February 1981: James Harrison is born in Burton upon Trent, England.
  • 4 May 1981: Jake Wyss is born in Burton upon Trent, England.
  • 3 June 1981: Andrew Collins is born in Burton upon Trent, England.
  • 21 June 1981: Thomas Atcherley is born in Birmingham, England.
  • 4 September 1985: Harrison, Collins and Wyss meet for the first time at infants (primary) school.
  • 7 September 1992: All five members meet for the very first time at high school.
  • 12 March 1994: The band is formed at high school.
  • 21 May 1994: Harrison sets up JAT Records.
  • 28 May 1994: JAT reach number one in their first ever single as a featured artist.
  • 9 February 1995: James Harrison confirms the group are working on a debut album.
  • 20 April 1995: JAT feature on a third single but are yet to release their own single.
  • 8 November 1995: Harrison confirms that the group will get into the studio in the new year to record their debut album


  • 5 January: Andrew Collins says the group have suffered minor set backs and will record next month.
  • 1 February: James Harrison confirms that recording started that day.
  • 21 April: Ryan Wilson confirms the group have completed their album recording.
  • 30 May: Jake Wyss says their debut single will be released in late June.
  • 14 June: Thomas Atcherley announces on the groups website that the debut single is to be released on June 25.
  • 21 June: James Harrison says that the album will be released in the autumn of 1997.
  • 25 June: The groups debut single, "Earthquake" is released.
  • 30 June: Earthquake enters the UK Chart is a dissapointing 187th place.
  • 28 August: JAT release their second single "Shine"
  • 1 September: Shine debuts at Number 41.
  • 15 September: Shine reaches Number 1 just two weeks after its release.
  • 20 October: Nearly fours months after its release Earthquake finally enters the top ten in at Number 9.
  • 27 October: Just over four months after its release Earthquake finally reaches Number 1.
  • 25 December: The group release "No Love"
  • 29 December: No Love becomes the groups first song to debut in the top forty it debuts at number 24.


  • 30 April: James Harrison marries American actress Jessica Alba in a private ceremony in Colorado.
  • 3 May: JAT enter the Eurovision Song Contest for the United Kingdom the group clock up 262 points to pick up the UK's first victory since Buck's Fizz in 1981.
  • 15 June: 10 months after its release Shine finally drops out the top forty.
  • 18 June: JAT release "Iris"
  • 22 June: Shine re-enters the top forty at Number 37 and Iris shoots in at Number 2.
  • 25 June: The group release their final single from their debut album, "What About Now?"
  • 29 June: Shine shoots up to Number 2, just behind Iris which became the groups quickest number 1, just two weeks after its release.
  • 6 July: Shine and Iris slip out the top 5 and What About Now? reaches top spot.
  • 27 July: Shine exits the top forty again but failed to regain the top spot.
  • 17 September: JAT's self-entitled debut album "JAT" is released.
  • 24 September: James confirms the group have started to record a follow up album.


  • 16 April: Harrison's wife Jessica Alba gives birth to their first child Rachel.
  • 9 May: JAT enter Eurovision again to defend their crown despite finishing 16 points worse off than 1997 they still finish top ahead of Israel.
  • 19 May: Andrew Collins confirms the next album will be called Apocalypse.
  • 7 November: After just 18 months of marriage James and Jessica Alba divorce.
  • 20 November: Harrison confirms that he is re-dating Nadine Coyle.
  • 22 November: Jake confirms the group have finished a much interupted second album.
  • 11 December: JAT reveal the artwork for their second album.


  • 10 January: The group confirm they will enter Eurovision yet again.
  • 11 January: JAT release the first single from their second album "Misery".
  • 17 January: Misery enters the UK and US charts at Number 1.
  • 4 March: JAT release their second single from their second album (seventh overall) "Wake Up Call".
  • 7 March: JAT's single "Wake Up Call" reaches number one just three days after release.
  • 17 May: JAT release their Eurovision song "Lucky Strike"
  • 23 May: "Lucky Strike" reaches number one in the final chart before the Eurovision Song Contest final
  • 29 May: JAT win Eurovision with a record points haul of 277 becoming the first artists to win three years in a row with the UK becoming the second country to win the competition three years in a row after Ireland earlier in the 1990s
  • 18 June: JAT release their ninth overall single which yet again hits the top spot at the first possible ocassion.
  • 25 August: JAT start recording their third studio album for a 2000/01 release date.
  • 27 November: JAT confirm that they will release "Let the Sunshine" their 1997 Eurovision Song that was unreleased.


  • 21 January: Let the Sunshine is officially released.
  • 23 January: Despite being released 48 hours previous "Let the Sunshine" reaches Number 17 in the UK Charts
  • 30 January: "Let the Sunshine" reaches the peak of the UK charts giving the group 10 consecutive No. 1s
  • 13 March: Despite previous plans the groups third album will not be released until 2002.
  • 7 July: Ryan Wilson announces the group are planning to cover a selection of motown classics for an album.


  • 12 January: The group confirm that there third album will be released in 2002.
  • 21 March: The group confirm problems with the third album but it is set to be released earlier in 2002 than they had anticipated.
  • 7 June: The group announce the earliest they can release the album is February 2002.
  • 19 July: Andrew Collins confirms that the third album will be called Atlantic.
  • 25 October: JAT annouce a massive world tour for the third album.