The X Factor
Series 10
Broadcast from 31 August 2013 – 15 December 2013
Judges James Harrison
Thomas Atcherley
Nadine Coyle
Nicole Scherzinger
Various guest judges throughout auditions
Presenter(s) Andrew Collins
Sophie Harrison  (ITV)
Co-presenter(s) Caroline Flack
Matt Richardson (ITV2)
Broadcaster ITV
ITV2 (The Xtra Factor)

The X Factor is British television music competition to find new singing talent. The tenth series began airing on ITV on 31 August, and will run until 15 December 2013. The series will be hosted by Andrew Collins and Sophie Harrison, Caroline Flack returns to present the ITV 2 spin-off The Xtra Factor, comedian Matt Richardson takes over from Olly Murs. James HarrisonThomas Atcherley and Nadine Coyle all return for their tenth series on the show, Nicole Scherzinger takes over from Pixie Lott who left stating she needed to concentrate on her music. Sophie Harrison had revealed she was contemplating leaving the show, her brother James was beginning to write up a shortlist of female candidates to take over, but Sophie decided to stay. James Harrison had also stated that after Lott's departure he would only consider a female replacement for her as he only wanted two men and two women on the panel. Harrison wrote up a shortlist of Cheryl AtcherleyKimberley WalshNicola RobertsSarah Harding, Carly Rae Jepsen and Nicole Scherzinger as a replacement and gave them all an individual audition as a chance to become a permanent judge.

Judges and Presenters

As the previous four series the shows presenters remained unchanged with JAT's Andrew Collins and Sophie Harrison presenting the show, but the shows judging panel changed for the first time since 2007 (series 4) with Pixie Lott leaving the panel to work on her solo. James Harrison confirmed after her departure that they would only consider a female judge, with Cheryl AtcherleyKimberley WalshNicola Roberts, Carly Rae Jepsen, Sarah Harding and Nicole Scherzinger guest judging during auditions, Harrison announced that one of these would take over, at the shows bootcamp recording he announced that Beyoncé would take over from Pixie Lott.


Date(s) City Venue Guest judge(s)
4 June 2013 Glasgow Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor Hotel Cheryl Atcherley
10 June 2013 Birmingham International Convention Centre Kimberley Walsh
13–15 June 2013 Manchester Old Trafford Nicola Roberts
19–21 June 2013 London ExCeL Centre Carly Rae Jepsen
1 July 2013 Price Studios Sarah Harding
3 July 2013 Cardiff Motorpoint Arena Nicole Scherzinger
15–18 July 2013 London Wembley Arena Cher Lloyd


On April 17, 2013 James Harrison announced plans to host bootcamp abroad, but on August 1, 2013 he announced that they would be held from 9–12 August at Wembley Arena. On August 9 the judges categories were revealed Harrison would mentor the groups, Coyle the girls, Atcherley the boys and Scherzinger the over 25s. At bootcamp Harrison decided to form a girl band using some of the rejected female soloists, the last time he did this he won with Little Mix.

Judges' houses

Following the elimination of Melanie McCabe both James Harrison and Thomas Atcherley said they were amazed that she was eliminated as the JAT pair said she had been one of the favourites.

Summary of judges' houses
Judge Category Location Assistant Contestants Eliminated
Harrison Groups Dubai, UAE Donnie Wahlberg
Adam Levine
Brick City, Code 4, Xyra
Coyle Girls Dublin, Ireland Liz McClarnon Relley Clark, Melanie McCabe, Jade Richards
Atcherley Boys Madrid, Spain Jason Derulo Sam Callahan, Luke Friend, Giles Potter
Scherzinger Over 25s Los Angeles, USA Kelly Rowland Zoe Devlin, Andrea Magee, Joseph Whelan



  • Pink – Eliminated
Category (mentor) Acts
Boys (Atcherley) Sam Callahan Luke Friend Nicholas McDonald
Girls (Coyle) Abi Alton Tamera Foster Hannah Barrett
Over 25s (Scherzinger) Sam Bailey Lorna Simpson Shelley Smith
Groups (Harrison) Kingsland Road Miss Dynamix Rough Copy

Live Shows

The live show began on October 12. As in previous series, each week's song choices follow a particular theme. Each contestant performs on Saturday, while eliminations and guest performances take place on Sunday. A new 'flash vote' will take place at the end of each Saturday night show. The voting lines will open for 10 minutes, and the act with the fewest votes will face the "final showdown" on Sunday. Voting lines for the remaining contestants will then reopen, and stay open until the Sunday shows, where the second contestant to face the "final showdown" will be revealed.

James Harrison said he was in contact with a number of big name artists to perform on the live show, he confirmed that JAT would perform "In a World Like This" on the first live show along with Eminem performing a censored version of his latest single "Berzerk".

Weekly results per contestant
Contestant Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10
Saturday Sunday Saturday Sunday Saturday Sunday Saturday Sunday
Sam Bailey Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Winner
Nicholas McDonald Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Runner-Up
Luke Friend Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom two Safe Bottom two Bottom two 3rd Eliminated
(week 10)
Rough Copy Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom two Safe 4th Eliminated
(week 9)
Tamera Foster Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom two Safe Safe Safe 5th Eliminated
(week 8)
Hannah Barrett Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe 9th Safe Bottom two Safe Bottom two Eliminated
(week 7)
Sam Callahan Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom two Eliminated
(week 6)
Abi Alton Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom two Eliminated
(week 5)
Kingsland Road Safe Safe 10th N/A Safe Safe Bottom two Eliminated
(week 4)
Miss Dynamix Safe Safe N/A N/A 10th N/A Eliminated
(week 3)
Shelley Smith 12th N/A Safe 9th Eliminated
(week 2)
Lorna Simpson Safe 11th Eliminated
(week 1)
Sing-off Simpson,
Kingsland Road,
Miss Dynamix
Kingsland Road
Rough Copy
Atcherley's vote
to eliminate
Simpson Smith N/A Kingsland Road N/A None (abstained) Barrett Foster
Knowles' vote
to eliminate
None (abstained) Kingsland Road Miss Dynamix Kingsland Road Alton N/A Barrett Foster
Harrison's vote
to eliminate
Smith SmithBarrett Foster Alton Callahan Barrett Friend
to eliminate
Simpson Smith Miss Dynamix Kingsland Road None (abstained) Callahan Rough Copy Friend
Eliminated Lorna Simpson
2 of 3 votes
Shelley Smith
3 of 4 votes
Miss Dynamix
2 of 3 votes
Flash vote
Kingsland Road
3 of 4 votes
Abi Alton
2 of 2 votes
Sam Callahan
2 of 2 votes
Hannah Barrett
3 of 4 votes
Tamera Foster
2 of 4 votes

Live show details


Week 1 (12/13 October)

Act Order Song Result
Hannah Barrett 1 "What Loves Got to Do with It" Safe
Nicholas McDonald 2 "True" Safe
Miss Dynamix 3 "Jump (for My Love)" Safe
Sam Bailey 4 "The Power of Love" Safe
Sam Callahan 5 "Summer of '69" Safe
Kingsland Road 6 "I'm Your Man" Safe
Shelley Smith 7 "Alone" Bottom Two
Abi Alton 8 "Livin' on a Prayer" Safe
Lorna Simpson 9 "So Emotional" Bottom Two
Tamera Foster 10 "Ain't Nobody" Safe
Luke Friend 11 "Every Breath You Take" Safe
Rough Copy 12 "In the Air Tonight" Safe
Final showdown details
Shelley Smith 1 "One Night Only" Safe
Lorna Simpson 2 "There You'll Be" Eliminated
Judges' votes to Eliminate
  • Knowles refused to vote as both of acts were in her category
  • Harrison: Simpson – Said both acts performed well but thought Shelley was the better act.
  • Atcherley: Smith – Thought that based on the final showdown alone he thought Smith performed better.
  • Coyle: Simpson – Said it was a tough decision but thought Smith had more potential

Week 2 (19/20 October)

  • Theme: Love and heartbreak
  • Musical guest: Robin Thicke ("Blurred Lines") & Katy Perry ("Roar")
Act Order Song Result
Sam Bailey 1 "Make You Feel My Love" Safe
Kingsland Road 2 "Marry You" Bottom Two
Nicholas McDonald 3 "She's the One" Safe
Abi Alton 4 "Can't Get You Out of My Head" Safe
Shelley Smith 5 "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" Bottom Two
Sam Callahan 6 "I Won't Give Up" Safe
Tamera Foster 7 "Beneath Your Beautiful" Safe
Luke Friend 8 "Let Her Go" Safe
Rough Copy 9 "I Want It That Way" Safe
Hannah Barrett 10 "Beautiful" Safe
Miss Dynamix1 N/A N/A Given Bye
Final showdown details
Kingsland Road 1 "Try" Safe
Shelley Smith 2 "Stop!" Eliminated

1 Due to band member SeSe Foster attending hospital, Miss Dynamix did not perform and were given a bye to the next week.

Judges' votes to eliminate
  • Harrison – Smith, backed his own act Kingsland Road.
  • Knowles – Kingsland Road, backed her own act.
  • Atcherley – Smith, thought that Kingsland Road were the better act.
  • Coyle – Smith, she said that she thought Kingsland Road had more potential.

Week 3 (26/27 October)

Contestants' performances on the third live show
Act Order Song Film Result
Rough Copy 1 "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You" Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Safe
Sam Callahan 2 "All I Want Is You" Reality Bites Safe
Hannah Barrett 3 "Skyfall" Skyfall Lost public vote
Nicholas McDonald 4 "Angel" City of Angels Safe
Abi Alton 5 "Moon River" Breakfast at Tiffany's Safe
Miss Dynamix 6 "Dreams" Magnolia Lost flash vote
Sam Bailey 7 "My Heart Will Go On" Titanic Safe
Kingsland Road 8 "Oh, Pretty Woman" Pretty Woman Safe
Luke Friend 9 "Kiss from a Rose" Batman Forever Safe
Tamera Foster 10 "Listen" Dreamgirls Safe
Sing-off details
Hannah Barrett 1 "Read All About It, Pt. III" Safe
Miss Dynamix 2 "Don't You Worry Child" Eliminated
Judges' votes to eliminate
  • Harrison: Barrett – backed his own act, Miss Dynamix.
  • Atcherley: Miss Dyanmix – felt that based on the sing-off alone Hannah was better.
  • Coyle: Miss Dynamix – backed her own act, Hannah Barrett.
  • Knowles: Miss Dynamix – thought that Hannah had star qualities.

Week 4 (2/3 November)

  • Theme: Disco
  • Musical guests:
    • Saturday: Nile Rodgers and Chic ("Le Freak"/"He's the Greatest Dancer"/"Good Times")
    • Sunday: Little Mix ("Move") and Taylor Swift featuring Gary Lightbody ("The Last Time")

The flash vote was "rested" this week because of lack of time, due to Rodgers and Chic's performance, and the two acts receiving the fewest votes were announced during Sunday's results show.

Contestants' performances on the fourth live show
Act Order Song Result
Luke Friend 1 "Play That Funky Music" Safe
Kingsland Road 2 "Blame It on the Boogie" Bottom two
Tamera Foster 3 "Wishing on a Star" Bottom two
Sam Callahan 4 "Relight My Fire" Safe
Rough Copy 5 "September" Safe
Abi Alton 6 "I Will Survive" Safe
Nicholas McDonald 7 "Rock with You" Safe
Hannah Barrett 8 "Somebody Else's Guy" Safe
Sam Bailey 9 "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)" Safe
Sing-off details
Kingsland Road 1 "I Won't Let You Go" Eliminated
Tamera Foster 2 "I Have Nothing" Safe
Judges' votes to eliminate
  • Harrison: Foster – backed his own act, Kingsland Road.
  • Atcherley: Kingsland Road – thought that Tamera was better.
  • Coyle: Kingsland Road – backed her own act, Tamera.
  • Knowles: Kingsland Road – thought that Kingsland Road weren't good enough.

Week 5 (9/10 November)

  • Theme: Big band
  • Group performance: "Love Me Again"
  • Musical guests: Celine Dion ("Loved Me Back to Life") and Robbie Williams ("Go Gentle")

The acts performed with a 36-piece live band, instead of a backing track. The flash vote did not return this week, and a show source said there were no plans for it to return. Harrison sar all the remaining contestants down and told them that as they were the final 8 they would perform on the 2014 live tour.

Contestants' performances on the fifth live show
Act Order Song Result
Abi Alton 1 "That's Life" Bottom two
Sam Bailey 2 "Theme from New York, New York" Safe
Nicholas McDonald 3 "Dream a Little Dream of Me" Safe
Luke Friend 4 "Moondance" Safe
Hannah Barrett 5 "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" Bottom two
Rough Copy 6 "Hit the Road Jack" Safe
Tamera Foster 7 "Cry Me a River" Safe
Sam Callahan 8 "Ain't That a Kick in the Head?" Safe
Sing-off details
Abi Alton 1 "Lego House" Eliminated
Hannah Barrett 2 "Wrecking Ball" Safe
Judges' votes to eliminate
  • Atcherley: Alton – thought that Barrett was the better act.
  • Coyle refused to vote as both acts in the final two were in her category.
  • Knowles: Alton – thought that the competition was slowly getting too much for Abi.
  • Harrison was not required to vote but said he would have sent home Abi.

Week 6 (16/17 November)

  • Theme: "The Great British Songbook"
  • Group performance: "Never Forget"
  • Musical guests: Miley Cyrus ("Wrecking Ball") and Gary Barlow ("Let Me Go")

A minimum of 15p from every contestant vote cast, plus a minimum of 50p from every track downloaded from this weekend's live performances, will be donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee's relief efforts following Typhoon Haiyan.

Contestants' performances on the sixth live show
Act Order Song Result
Hannah Barrett 1 "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" Safe
Luke Friend 2 "Your Song" Bottom two
Sam Bailey 3 "Something" Safe
Rough Copy 4 "Viva la Vida" Safe
Sam Callahan 5 "Faith" Bottom two
Tamera Foster 6 "Diamonds Are Forever" Safe
Nicholas McDonald 7 "Someone like You" Safe
Sing-off details
Luke Friend 1 "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" Safe
Sam Callahan 2 "Iris" Eliminated
Judges' votes to eliminate
  • Atcherley abstained from voting as both acts were in his category
  • Coyle: Sam Callahan – said Friend was the better singer
  • Harrison: Sam Callahan – gave no reason
  • Knowles was not required to vote but but stated she would have eliminated Callahan

Week 7 (23/24 November)

  • Theme: "The Best of The X Factor" (songs recorded or performed by previous finalists)
  • Guest mentors: Joe McElderry, Alexandra Burke, Shayne Ward, Little Mix, Olly Murs and Leona Lewis
  • Group performance: "Everybody in Love" (with JLS)
  • Musical guests:
    • Saturday: Olly Murs ("Hand on Heart")
    • Sunday: JLS (with finalists; "Everybody in Love"), Mary J. Blige featuring Jessie J ("Do You Hear What I Hear?") and One Direction ("Story of My Life")
Contestants' performances on the sixth live show
Act Order Song Previous finalist Result
Nicholas McDonald 1 "The Climb" Joe McElderry Safe
Hannah Barrett 2 "Hallelujah" Alexandra Burke Bottom two
Luke Friend 3 "What Makes You Beautiful" One Direction Safe
Rough Copy 4 "Don't Let Go (Love)" Little Mix Bottom two
Tamera Foster 5 "Impossible" James Arthur Safe
Sam Bailey 6 "Bleeding Love" Leona Lewis Safe
Sing-off details
Hannah Barrett 1 "I'd Rather Go Blind" Eliminated
Rough Copy 2 "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" Safe
Judges' votes to eliminate
  • Coyle: Rough Copy – backed her own act, Hannah Barrett
  • Harrison: Hannah Barrett – gave no reason, but effectively backed his own act, Rough Copy
  • Knowles: Hannah Barrett – because it was Barrett's third time in the bottom two
  • Atcherley: Hannah Barrett – gave no reason, but on The Xtra Factor he said that it was because Barrett had been in the sing-off three times and Rough Copy had more to give

Week 8 (30 November/1 December)

  • Theme: "Jukebox"
  • Group performance: "Burn"
  • Musical guests: Rebecca Ferguson ("I Hope") and James Arthur ("Recovery")

For the first time this series, contestants will perform two songs each, with one song being chosen by the public.

Choices for jukebox week
Act Song choices Result Percentage
Luke Friend "Bridge over Troubled Water" Not chosen 33.0%
"Skinny Love" Chosen 42.0%
"One Day like This" Not chosen 25.0%
Nicholas McDonald "The Prayer" Not chosen 11.0%
"Amazed" Not chosen 20.2%
"Just the Way You Are" Chosen 68.8%
Rough Copy "End of the Road" Not chosen 38.4%
"I Believe I Can Fly" Chosen 46.5%
"If You Ever" Not chosen 15.1%
Sam Bailey "The Living Years" Not chosen 10.3%
"Clown" Chosen 54.4%
"Without You" Not chosen 35.3%
Tamera Foster "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" Chosen 46.0%
"This Woman's Work" Not chosen 20.9%
"Emotion" Not chosen 33.1%
Contestants' performances on the eighth live show
Act Order First song Theme Order Second song Theme Result
Nicholas McDonald 1 "Just the Way You Are" Viewers' choice 6 "Greatest Day" Musical hero (JAT) Safe
Sam Bailey 2 "How Will I Know" Musical hero (Whitney Houston) 7 "Clown" Viewers' choice Safe
Tamera Foster 3 "We Found Love" Musical hero (Rihanna) 9 "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" Viewers' choice Bottom two
Luke Friend 4 "Skinny Love" Viewers' choice 8 "I Will Wait" Musical hero (Mumford & Sons) Bottom two
Rough Copy 5 "Every Little Step"/"She's Got That Vibe" Musical hero (Bobby Brown/R. Kelly) 10 "I Believe I Can Fly" Viewers' choice Safe
Sing-off details
Tamera Foster 1 "The Voice Within" Eliminated
Luke Friend 2 "Run" Safe
Judges' votes to eliminate
  • Coyle: Luke Friend – backed her own act, Tamera Foster
  • Atcherley: Tamera Foster – said Luke was better in the sing-off
  • Knowles: Tamera Foster – said Luke was better in the sing-off
  • Harrison: Luke Friend – could not decide so chose to take it to deadlock

Week 9: Semi Final (7/8 December)

  • Theme: Elton John vs Beyoncé
  • Musical guests: Leona Lewis and Michael Bublé (songs TBC)
Contestants' performances on the ninth live show
Act Order Beyoncé song Order Elton John song Result
Sam Bailey TBA "If I Were a Boy" TBA "Candle in the Wind"
Luke Friend TBA "Best Thing I Never Had" TBA "Something About the Way You Look Tonight"
Nicholas McDonald TBA "Halo" TBA "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me"
Rough Copy TBA "Survivor" TBA "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word"
Sing-off details

Final (14/15 December)

  • Musical guests:
    • Saturday: Katy Perry ("Unconditionally") and Tom Odell (song TBC)
    • Sunday: Gary Barlow & Elton John ("Face to Face"), One Direction ("Midnight Memories) and JAT & Kimberley Walsh ("When You Tell Me That You Love Me")