100 million or more copiesEdit

artist album released genre Total Certified sales (millions) claimed sales (millions)
JAT JAT: The Diamond Collection 2012 Pop, R&B, Hip Hop 401 450
JAT The First Decade 2006 Pop, R&B, Hip Hop 255.7 300
Girls Aloud Girls Aloud: The Complete Collection 2013 Pop 175 250
James Harrison My Collection 2013 Pop, R&B, Hip Hop 156.4 230
Andrew Collins The Complete Works of 2012 Pop, R&B, Hip Hop 155 220
Thomas Atcherley Still Going Strong 2012 Pop, R&B, Hip Hop 151.6 200
Ryan Wilson Ryan: The Complete Collection 2012 Pop, R&B, Hip Hop 150 200
Jake Wyss With Me 2011 Pop, R&B, Hip Hop 147.2 190

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