40 million copies or moreEdit

artist album released genre total certified sales (millions) claimed sales (millions)
JAT Eruption 2013 Pop rock, Hip hop, R&B 65.5 70
Michael Jackson Thriller 1982 Pop, rock, R&B 42.4 65
JAT Love Struck 2012 Pop, Hip hop, R&B 44.7 58
JAT Crimson 2007 Pop, Hip hop, R&B 41.3 55
Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon 1973 Progressive rock 22.7 45
Eagles Their Greatest Hits (1971–1975) 1976 Country rock, folk rock 32.2 42
AC/DC Back in Black 1980 Hard rock, heavy metal 25.9 40
Bee Gees / Various artists Saturday Night Fever 1977 Disco 18.9 40
Fleetwood Mac Rumours 1977 Soft rock 26.8 40
Whitney Houston / Various artists The Bodyguard 1992 R&B, soul, pop 27.4 40

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