Eurovision Song Contest 2014

"Isles of Song"

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Semi-final 1 date 6 May 2014
Semi-final 2 date 8 May 2014
Final date 10 May 2014
Venue The O2 Arena, London, United Kingdom
Executive supervisor Jon Ola Sand
Executive producer Pernille Gaardbo
Host broadcaster BBC
Number of entries 30 (to date)
Returning countries Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal
Withdrawing countries Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia
Flag of Cyprus.svg Cyprus
Participation map    
ESC 2014 Map.svg

Pariticpating countriesEdit


Country Language Artist Song English translation
Flag of Albania.svg Albania TBD 28 December 2013 TBD 28 December 2013
Flag of Austria svg Austria Conchita Wurst
Flag of Belarus svg Belarus TBD January 2014 TBD January 2014
Flag of Belgium (civil) svg Belgium TBD 16 March 2014 TBD 16 March 2014
Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria
Flag of Denmark svg Denmark TBD 8 March 2014 TBD 8 March 2014
22px-Flag of Estonia svg Estonia TBD 1 March 2014 TBD 1 March 2014
Flag of Finland svg Finland TBD 1 February 2014 TBD 1 February 2014
Flag of Georgia.svg Georgia
Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary TBD February 2014 TBD February 2014
Flag of Iceland svg Iceland
Flag of Ireland svg Ireland TBD 28 February 2014 TBD 28 February 2014
Flag of Israel svg Israel
Flag of Latvia svg Latvia TBD 22 February 2014 TBD 22 February 2014
Flag of Lithuania.svg Lithuania TBD 8 February 2014 TBD 8 February 2014
Flag of Macedonia.svg Macedonia Tijana Dapcevic TBD 15 January 2014
Flag of Malta.svg Malta
Flag of Montenegro.svg Montenegro
Flag of the Netherlands svg Netherlands TBD 25 November 2013 TBD 25 November 2013
Flag of Norway svg Norway
Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal
Flag of Russia svg Russia TBD 31 December 2013 TBD 31 December 2013
20px-Flag of San Marino.svg San Marino Valentina Monetta TBD January 2014
Flag of Sweden svg Sweden TBD 8 March 2014 TBD 8 March 2014
Flag of Switzerland svg Switzerland TBD 1 February 2014 TBD 1 February 2014
Flag of Ukraine svg Ukraine TBD 21 December 2013 TBD 21 December 2013


Country Language Artist Song English translation
Flag of France svg France
Flag of Germany svg Germany TBD 13 March 2014 TBD 13 March 2014
Flag of Spain.svg Spain
Flag of the United Kingdom svg United Kingdom JAT "Fragile Heart"

Other countriesEdit