21st Century Eurovision
Compilation album by JAT
Released N/A
Recorded 2013
Genre Europop
Length 60:00
Label JAT Records
Producer James Harrison
JAT chronology
4 Seasons
21st Century Eurovision


Razor Blade


Singles from 21st Century Eurovision
  1. "I Can"

Released: February 2014

  1. "What If"

Released: March 2014

  1. "I Feed You My Love"

Released: April 2014

  1. "Should've Known Better"

Released: April 2014

  1. "Never Forget"

Released: May 2014

  1. "Fairytale"

Released: May 2014

  1. "Only Teardrops"

Released: June 2014

21st Century Eurovision was a planned album by JAT. The group decided to cancel it as they planned to released four albums in 2014 so thought it would be a jam packed year.

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